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The desire of fallen people to meet the Messiah Throughout human history, many people have cultivated their minds and dreamed of a better world, but that world is yet to be seen. ...

The Lord of the Second Advent and True Father's indemnity course Though Jesus died on the cross before he could completely fulfill the purpose for his coming to this earth, he achi...

"While my mother was attending the Inside the Womb Church, her brother, my uncle Hong Sun-jeong, returned home from studying abroad in Japan...."

"Since you understand who Farther is, all of you may think I am very happy...."

"It is most pressing that we let people of the worl know that the True Parents have come to this earth"

I declare that it is now time for all of you to unite with True Mother with one mind and one body, no matter what, and to take action and live up to your beliefs, moving as a singl...

"HSA-UWC's 60 years have been like the wilderness course."

"Asia. If Japan is the mother nation entrusted with Eve's mission, the Philippines is the nation entrusted with the daughter's mission."

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