The Lord of the Second Advent and True Father's indemnity course

Though Jesus died on the cross before he could completely fulfill the purpose for his coming to this earth, he achieved spiritual salvation during the 40 days of his resurrection, and thus the history of Christianity was begun. Christianity, however, was divided into many denominations, because it did not know God's Will or the true purpose of Jesus' coming. In spite of this, God nurtured Christianity and paved the foundation to send the Lord of the Second Advent. At the time, the Second World War had just ended. Until the time before the Second World War, the victorious nations were in control of the defeated nations, but after this war, the victorious nations helped the defeated nations. Such a providence came to pass because all the nations in the world had become brother nations, for the time had come for the Lord of the Second Advent to appear. (2006.07.20, Nairobi, Kenya)


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